Scotland raises the European Union flag over government buildings

Edinburgh. In the dispute over a new independence referendum, Scotland sends new advice against the British government. In addition to the Scottish flag, the European Union flag frequently flies over government buildings – but not the British “Union Jack”. Scotland has not belonged to the European Union since Brexit, but it is still part of the United Kingdom.

The regional government in Edinburgh, Germany, said: “The European Union flag is flying to reflect the overwhelming vote of the Scottish people to remain in Europe and as a sign of solidarity with hundreds of thousands of EU citizens who continue to call Scotland their home despite Brexit.” Press agency with. The British flag will only be raised on “certain dates and occasions”. This will continue to be the case.

Sturgeon wants the second independence referendum

Scottish Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon calls for a second referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. In 2014, a slim majority of the population refused the presence of a detachment. At that time, Great Britain was still a member of the European Union. The sturgeon now argues that Brexit has changed conditions. In the 2016 Brexit vote, Scotland clearly voted to remain in the European Union. London is rejecting a new ballot, but opinion polls have shown that the majority of Scots have supported independence for months.

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