Rail strike: big restrictions on passengers in northern Bavaria

The Pro Bahn commuter association assumes that the rail strike will have a significant impact on commuters in northern Bavaria. At noon, Klaus Weselski, president of the GDL, announced that 95 percent of GDL members had voted for a labor dispute on the ballot. The two-day strike is scheduled to begin in the evening in freight traffic, with other areas of Deutsche Bahn due to follow tomorrow.

DB Regio: Almost all S-Bahn lines affected in the Nuremberg region

According to Pro Bahn’s federal vice president, Lukas Iffländer, train drivers at DB Regio in particular want to strike. In the Nuremberg region, the S-Bahn is affected by almost all lines, said Evelander, who is in charge of northern Bavaria in the Pro Bahn. It will have a very big impact in this field. Long-distance traffic, on the other hand, will run regularly. Evlander said in an interview with BR24 that S-Bahn traffic in particular is the backbone of the area.

Fears that it will have a significant impact on the Würzburg region

Lukas Iffländer also fears that train traffic in the Würzburg region will have a significant impact as all local traffic will start to strike. Several train lines from Würzburg Main Station in the direction of Fulda, Frankfurt, Schweinfurt, Nuremberg or Stuttgart have already been omitted from the Deutsche Bahn’s schedule for tomorrow Wednesday. There are alternative offers for some.

Professional train: travelers should take the opportunity to work from home

A Pro Bahn Iffländer spokesperson advises travelers and passengers to use the home office in the coming days. “If you can stay home, you should stay home,” Evelender says. However, in some areas, such as Upper Franconia, travelers can also switch to DB competitors. In the area around Hove and Bayreuth, for example, there are regional trains from Agilis. “They may take a little longer, but they are also being hit by Deutsche Bahn,” Lucas Evlander of the Pro Pan passenger union advised.

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