Murphy joins his family on vacation in Italy as his Republican opponent to the governor of New Jersey travels to Israel

government Bill Murphy He is ready to leave on Tuesday night for a vacation in Italy, meet his Republican challenger, Jack Seattle, and Israeli corporate and religious leaders for the November race.

Travel comes just three months before the election, and coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continue to increase in the state and nation.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and US Department of State Both countries are listed as places to avoid due to COVID-19 infection. Italy is subject to a “Level 3” advisory, which recommends reconsideration of travel to the country and Israel is one of seven countries listed under “Level 4”, which recommends that people be temporarily avoided if possible.

Murphy will stay with his family for 10 days in Italy, where he owns a multi-million dollar mansion. This is the first time he has taken time off out of state since the state’s first Govt-19 case was identified in March 2020.

“Listen, I’m no different than any other family. After the last 17 months, I think we’ve all got to deal with our family being together for a few days, and I can’t wait,” Murphy said during his regular Monday lecture on COVID-19.

Seattle went to Israel on Sunday and plans to return Wednesday night, according to its campaign. In videos posted on his social media, the former MP said his trip “has two important goals,” meeting businesses in hopes of setting foot in New Jersey and “showing solidarity” with religious leaders.

He posted pictures on Twitter of him meeting people in Tel Aviv and touring Jerusalem.

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“We shouldn’t be shocked that there are political gains from the Seattle trip to Israel,” said Ben Dwarkin, director of the Rowan Institute for Public Policy and Citizenship. to see

Murphy traveled to Israel in 2018 as part of a nine-day trip, which his administration saw as an attempt to attract new business to Germany from the state park.

In 2019, the governor spent 13 days in Italy, where he and his wife bought a 23-room mansion in 2004 for about $7.3 million, the year before to take an 11-day vacation. At the time, it was in the headlines because Murphy’s office refused to locate the governor when he leaves the state.

He won the Republican primary on Murphy’s night off in Seattle and the Democrat said, “Not New Jersey.”

“I’m on vacation at the LBI in New Jersey, while Bill Murphy is leaving for his villa in Italy. This is where I cheer for the Yankees, while Bill Murphy cheers for the Red Sox,” said Seattle, also taking a look at how the Governor is eating pizza.

But former governors have received criticism for out-of-state leave: I think Tom Kane is starting a $3 million trip to his 10-acre ranch in Long Island Sound in New Jersey and you, right together, exclusive Fishers Island in New York, and Chris Christie’s New Jersey. In New Jersey, he cut short his trip.

“Republicans’ criticism of Murphy about someone who has nothing to do with the typical state of New Jersey would leave an even bigger arrow,” he said.

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“I don’t know how useful it is. They criticize him for the way he eats pizza, criticize him for going to Italy to get a villa, and call him King Murphy. But this criticism, at least according to the poll, has not had much resonance with Democrats and independents.”

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