Funchess criticized after making a racist statement

MUNICH – The NFL continues to lead the way as a major mediator in the fight against structural racism in the United States. So the sensitive subject is treated with care in every nook and cranny. Receiver Packer Devin Funches sensed this, too.

Funchess immediately received criticism for his remarks

It Happened: At a regular press conference after a Green Bay Packers training session, wide receiver Devin Funchess spoke to reporters present. Because of the NFL’s coronavirus protocol, they are still required to wear masks.

“I can talk to people again,” said the 27-year-old. “I love seeing laughter. I can tell with eyes when you laugh.” In this context the racist term “chinky” may have been used. In English-speaking countries, this refers to a Chinese restaurant, but it is used as a derogatory remark in relation to people.

The response on social media was not long and most fans demanded an apology from Funchess.

Sorry from Funchess and Packers

“I want to apologize for the insulting comment,” Funchess explained shortly afterwards on Twitter: “It didn’t look good. I am deeply connected to the Asian community both privately and professionally. (…) I want to learn from him and I feel sorry for that and keep going. to grow as a person.”

The Packers also commented on the incident: “We have discussed it with him, he knows it cannot be justified,” General Manager Brian Gutkunst said in a statement: “We condemn the statements in the strongest possible way. I think he regrets it.” Seriously meant. It was a mistake and it will definitely not be repeated.”

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In accordance with this, Funchess is allowed to continue her involvement in Green Bay despite leaving and will not be disqualified “for the time being”. The former Panthers player is fighting for one of the free reception spots behind star Davante Adams at the Packers. The comments should not boost his chances of securing a place in the 53-man squad.

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