Ragnarok 2 will arrive in 2023 on Netflix

With the publication of a new promotional image of Ragnarok 2 . recordAnd the Warner Bros. Japan The release date for the second season of the anime based on the manga has been revealed Shomatsu no Valkyrie From Takumi FukuiAnd the Shinya Omimura And the Chika Age.

New episodes will debut in the Netflix streaming catalog in 2023.

Below we can admire the main image of the second season of the anime, an illustration showing the characters of Lord Shiva and Lord Boda.

At the moment, no further details have been provided regarding the new season, and information that will arrive during the upcoming Anime Expo scheduled for July, especially regarding the work of the animation and whether this will be brought back to the Graphenica.

The first season of Record of Ragnarok, which was received mixed and in some countries such as India ensued bitter controversy, nevertheless scored a good approval rating on Netflix.

Shūmatsu no Walküre manga was launched in Comic Zenon in November 2017. Action in Italy (here’s our review) arrived in 2020 thanks to Edizioni Star Comics.

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Record the story of Ragnarok

7 million years of human civilization is about to end… Every 1,000 years, all the gods of the world gather in heaven to participate in the “Conference for the Survival of Humanity”.

All the gods agree to put an end to humanity for their foolish past actions, but before the final verdict is passed, Brunhild, the eldest of the 13 Valkyrie sisters objects: “To make things interesting, why don’t you test the mortals?”

His proposal was to conduct the final battle between God and humanity, also known as “Ragnarok”, where all the gods of the world and the heroes of human history collide 1 to 1. The first team to win 7 out of 13 battles will be the winner. It seems almost impossible for humans to triumph over the gods. Although the gods mock them, Brunhild scoffs: “Are you holding back?”

This touches the nerves of the gods and they accept his proposal angrily. So Brunhild and her sisters must choose 13 of the most powerful heroes in human history. Will humans be able to outsmart the gods and stop at the final end?

The eschatological battles between heaven and earth have finally begun!

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