Rafa Nadal: “If you compare my level with Australia, now it’s worse”

He did not start his match against Evans in the best way, but as the minutes went by, Rafael Nadal He found himself more and more comfortable in the match and ended up scratching at a good level and capturing good vibes, after a rather poor showing against Korda. The important thing for him is that he advanced to the tour and got a chance to continue developing Indian wells. At a press conference, the Spaniard admitted that he is not at the level of Australia, but that he wants to find the game that will bring him back to that level.

about his victory

Evans is a player who plays well tactically. He uses his slide well and then gets aggressive, changing speed a lot on points. I think it’s a very positive win and I’m glad I saved that difficult moment in the first set.


I think my serving today has improved compared to the previous game. That’s how I feel, at least. I was able to make more winners with my forehand, which didn’t work for me that day. I know the start wasn’t perfect, but I started feeling better on the ball and was able to change directions more often. Today I took a step forward, but I need to level up a bit more, or else I’m going home.

Reason for leaving Miami

I haven’t played this tournament for a few years now. I am already almost 36 years old and have played a lot more than I expected this season. For my body, superficial transformations aren’t easy. If I play Miami, I won’t have time to rest and go to the dirt. It would be dangerous to my feet and knees. I need to go step by step and not make a drastic change like I did in the past, so I decided to rest after this tournament, and have a little over three weeks to prepare for the gravel round.

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Compared to the Australian Open

Things change quickly, so it’s hard to answer. In my first tournament, for example, I had two really bad matches, which is understandable after so many months without competition. Then two and a half weeks later, he was playing great. But, it is true that if I compare my level now to the semi-final or the final in Australia, it will be worse without a doubt. What will happen tomorrow? I do not know. I can play well or badly. If you are in a negative dynamic, it is difficult to go from bad to good gameplay, but if the opposite is true, you can get back to your best level soon. What I know is that today was better than my first game and now I will have an opponent who will require me to play at the highest level. These things help.

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