R. ONEDO: Four children killed in house fire in south London, UK

Madrid, 17 (European Press)

Four minors were killed, Thursday, in a fire of unknown cause, on the ground floor of a house in south London, in the United Kingdom despite the efforts of more than 60 firefighters.

Firefighters managed to get the victims out of the flames, although street resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful and the four children died, reports the Daily Mail.

The Metropolitan Police reported that the reasons for declaring the fire were unknown, and added that it was not known who was inside the house, although it indicated that relatives of the victims were “aware”.

The British police force has stated in detail that it has launched an investigation to clarify the causes of the fire and that at the present time there are no detainees.

Andy Roe, Commissioner of the London Fire Department, explained that the Corps personnel involved in the incident were “numb and deeply saddened” after the deaths of the minors, and they were provided with assistance.

“My thoughts are with the family and friends of the children, and with the entire local community and all who will be affected by this fire,” Rowe settled.

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