Quirinale, about whom the United States and Europe are aimed at

Several young Jack Ryan – the famous CIA analyst on many of Tom Clancy’s spy stories – descend on Rome to update in real time the files of key foreign advisers on the evolution of the president’s voices.

In a confidential report to US Department of State, on the basis of a letter from the Embassy in Via Veneto, regarding the elections in Cole, we read: “The method does not allow for prior knowledge and discussion about the programs of the candidates, which, moreover, do not officially exist, especially since the right to vote belongs to a thousand unknown and chosen great voters since More than five years, who refer to no more than ten great voters.”

Mattarella and Draghi

The condition that is privileged off-boot is ‘Reliability in continuity’ to fulfill commitments related to NRP. The three imperatives are always the same: authority, continuity of political action and responsibility, those that fall under the heading of “accountability” in international files.

Among the common names, the two that best meet the requirements are those that have already been tested matarella e my biker, especially outside the Alps. This is the main reason Macron, more so after the Treaty of Quirinale, Cheers, Matarella to stay in place for at least the next two years.

my bikerFor its part, it can spread many followers to the rest of the world Merkel in Germany, between Mandarin from the European Central Bank And above all, in the United States, where big investment banks They are sure that they can count on a certain point of reference with him in Colle or Chigi. In addition to no di Berlusconi, Super Mario received news, via Aise, that the Chinese would do everything in their power to boycott Promoviator.

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Gentiloni and Cartabia

Despite the outward aspirations, the two true shadow candidates for number one appear to be backed by Mattarella, who is actively involved with his right-hand man Ugo Zambeti, and they are the usual. Paolo Gentiloni e Marta Cartabia.

This would free up a chair European Commissioner And the French, while holding the EU presidency, would not always mind as an alternative to Mattarella, of course. Americans are more tepid, despite “er moviola” efforts to bolster Atlantic credentials. In the Vatican, where he was convinced he was at home only because one of his ancestors wrote the Lateran Pacts, he still had a long way to go. But as it is now clear, Bergoglio is less and less interested in Italy and Europe.

Marta CartabiaOn the other hand, she has relationships in the United States with her counterpart, Merrick Garland, but also with Chief Justice, John Roberts and with academic circles when she was still a research fellow at the University of Michigan Joseph Wheeler, to whom she has lovingly translated books. But the major European and American companies They expected more from the recent judicial reform Because of this, his star is faint.

Related elections abroad

The increased political and economic weight of Italy in the EU after Brexit, the departure of Angela Merkel, French vulnerabilities and the arrival of PNRR funds made these elections so relevant and shining that more than 120 journalists arrived in Rome to ensure this, in real time. , a detailed report of all the “quirinalizie developments” ready to tell the “Berlusconi dynasty”, now over, after a jockey step back.

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In major European capitals, past best practices must be replicated, with Sergio Mattarella for another two years at Colle To end the pandemic and hold regular political elections with Parliament empowered to elect a new head of state, and Mario Draghi at Palazzo Chigi: With London leaving the European Union, in fact, today Berlin and Paris need a strong Rome, and if Draghi climbs to the Quirinale, it will be really difficult to find a new prime minister. The strange hypothesis of Vittorio Colao It is not taken into account because it is considered a kind of “Centaur”, half-manager, half-adviser. So who will be the next tenant of Quirinale?

Other names

we think Pier Ferdinando CassinI, who had the great capacity to never hold governmental positions, and who over the years had managed to give himself an international appearance, both as a Member of the European Parliament and on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. For him, the hero who is revered everywhere, like Alejandro Agag, son-in-law of Jose Maria Aznar and former secretary of the European People’s Party, moves with great skill.

It is clear that philosophers and thinkers all over the world love someone Marcelo Pera, the guru Poprian, who is proud of more than a friend in Washington circles like the American Enterprise Institute, and surely can count in these hours on the prayer of Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger, but, on the other hand, on the “Jovet” prosecutors who of the CSM with him on the hill will be brought back to Class.

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