Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has contracted the Covid-19 virus

The palace has reported that Queen Elizabeth II has contracted Covid-19, although so far she has only had “mild cold-like symptoms”.

The Queen Isabel IIThe king with the longest reign in the world, Tests positive for Covid-19 on Sunday February 20, 2022. Witness mild symptomsBuckingham Palace said it expects light duty missions to continue this week.

The health of the 95-year-old queen, who was vaccinated against the coronavirus, has been in the spotlight ever since He spent a night in the hospital last October with an unspecified illness and his doctors recommended rest.

“Tests today have confirmed that the Queen has contracted the Covid-19 virus,” the palace said. “Your Majesty is experiencing mild cold-like symptoms.”

He will continue to receive medical care and follow all appropriate guidelines.”

Castle Buckingham

Carlos 73 years old heir to the throne, contracted Covid-19 for the second time after an event. A palace source said he had seen the queen a few days ago.

On Wednesday, Elizabeth joked to members of the royal family that she couldn’t move much as she made her first personal engagement since Carlos tested positive.

Elizabeth, the world’s longest-lived monarch, celebrates The 70th Anniversary of His Accession to the Throne Britain in early February.

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