Australia plans to open its borders to vaccinated tourists

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced at a press conference that its borders will be reopened next Monday to tourists who have received their dose of vaccination against Covid-19.

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The measure was announced after two years in which Australian borders remained restricted as part of prevention measures.

“The waiting time is over. Pack your bags. Don’t forget to bring the money because you will find many places to spend it,” the minister said after the announcement.

Given this measure, the Australian government expects 56 international flights to arrive in the first 24 hours of lifting the ban. The first of them will come from Los Angeles, USA and will be heading to Sydney International Airport.

And despite the isolation of the arrival of flights, it was indicated that the volume of air reception is much less than what was recorded before the start of the epidemic, although the authorities were optimistic that the number would rise as the days progressed.

The Australian government has permanently closed its borders since March 2020, with the aim of reducing the number of Covid infections in its territory.

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The measure has been put in place for foreigners, whereby Australians residing abroad can arrive in their country, having been tested for Covid-19.

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