China is proud to overtake the United States in the Beijing 2022 medal table

China celebrated its success in the Beijing Winter Games, Sunday, by smashing its own medal record in a version of fifteen podiums, nine of them at the top of the staircase, to overtake the great American contender in the overall medal table on the Olympic schedule.

Tags related to Chinese sports performance in games totaled more than 200 million interactions on the social network Weibo on Sunday.

Weibo users especially appreciated the fact that their country took third place in the medal table with nine titles, ahead of the United States, the great strategic competitor (4th place with 25 medals and 8 gold).

“I am very proud of the results of the Chinese team,” said Min Rui, 32, an excited tech employee.

The development of “winter sports is just beginning,” the young woman told AFP, who was found in Beijing in front of a large clock showing the countdown to the days since the start of the Games, in China.

He adds, “Third place in the medal table, ahead of countries like the United States and Canada, is a real success!”

The Asian giant is traditionally a strong nation at the Summer Olympics, but high-level practice in snow and snow sports is relatively recent.

Its first participation in the Winter Games dates back to 1980, and before these games on its own land, China had “only” 62 medals, including 13 gold.

His best tally in Vancouver in 2010 was 11 medals and five titles.

The record improved dramatically in Beijing, thanks to US-born free skater Eileen Gu, who won three or two golds, or young skater Su Yiming, who took gold in the big air and silver in downhill style, who won Incidentally very popular among his compatriots.

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