‘Putin’s Envoy’ Who Promised Bitcoin to Catalan Separatists

Occrp I contacted Christopher Nehring, Professor of Intelligence History at the University of Potsdam, to try to understand the purpose of this ridiculous offer from the Russian delegation. On the other hand, the teacher explains, the Catalans were talking to people who “obviously have a connection to Russian intelligence”. On the other hand, “the alleged request to convert Catalonia into ‘Switzerland for cryptocurrency’ sounds like a scam.” “Bringing the two sides together – he continues – we seem to be looking at a covert, intelligence-backed operation aimed at supporting a separatist movement, with an element of fraud or fraud around it.”

Ker Giles, Russia expert in think tank Britain’s Chatham House believes this is a “hybrid process between political interference and the pursuit of profit”. He notes that “the close and intimate link between political power and organized crime … is a hallmark of many modern Russia’s means of projecting its power.”

Etisalat 2018

Despite the rejection of the offer and doubts about the delegation’s heroes, the Catalan separatists kept their contacts open with the Russians. Through 200 pages of letters intercepted by the police as part of the financing operation in support of Catalan separatists, some published from OccrpIt is possible to explain how on March 10, 2018, Puigdemont partner Victor Terradellas and translator of the meeting with Sadovnikov Jordi Sardà spoke about the possibility of transferring 56 bitcoins for the benefit of the separatists, for at that time $ 525 thousand . Also in the documents is the online wallet number that Terradellas shared with Sardà. Reporters were able to track it down and identify a single batch of bitcoins.

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Among the letters exchanged between the two heroes of the meeting with Sadovnikov, there is also a photo in which Tarradellas holds in his hand what looks like a certificate of deposit from the Swiss bank UBS. The value that reads is $500 billion. Three experts confirmed to journalists that it was a forgery: “Scammers often use this type of forgery who want to prove their possession of such sums. Daniel Thelescliff, former head of the Swiss government’s Money Laundering Reporting Office, comments, “The counterfeiting is done in a very clumsy way.

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