Purdue Boilermakers 24, Iowa Hawkeyes 20: The Old Normal

We’ve been waiting for her all year.

No cupcake, no tuning, no Rutgers.

Spencer Petras The Hockey family was pushed into the fire early against Purdue, who was without their coach and all-American receiver Rondell MooreAnd Iowa seemed to not know what to do when she reached the tap.

At the hands of the former midfielder Aidan O’ConnellAnother broadband receiver in David Bell, And the 2020 edition of Mark Weisman in a Xander Horvath, Purdue stuck Iowa home in a 24-20 win.

It was the beginning of the typical plodding of a hockey family: drops by a person who is usually confident Brandon SmithAnd the Sean BayerAnd and Ehmeier Smith Marsett Led to a bad start from 2 to 8 l Petras. The ball position could have been better with each throw, but I think it should have been every one of the things captured. And I’ll throw some blame on the sun, too.

Iowa took three cars to get its first landings this year, and in the process Cole Banuart Successfully forced to fumble Tyler Goodson On what was once a hard drive, the Iowa Crime will click next as Petras finished the half 13-15.

25 yards back from Charlie Jones Iowa set up on Bordeaux 35. Corridor 20 yards to Sam Laporta He put Iowa on the doorstep, knocked off Judson’s escape, and Petras kicked the door to knot him in the Sevens.

It’s worth noting that on this drive we saw a shot directly into the rifle of Tyler Goodson. It was the second time Iowa had lined up Wildcat today, and it will happen two more times according to my count. It only took 15 years for Iowa coaches to adopt the Wildcat after its debut, but at least it happened.

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Dean Pelton Purdue got a heavy kick to stop Purdue within a short distance of the next drive, and now Iowa has found itself with the ball and some momentum. The 11-game drive was capped, 73 yards through a 1-yard landing McKee Sargent, But the drive included:

  • Iowa’s first hunt from a receiver of the season
  • 15-yard penalty estimated at Ehmeier Smith Marsett To pull a player from a pile, something I’ve never heard of before
  • 15-yard catch and run from Tyrone Tracy
  • 15 yards counter-directional from the ISM, a la the Holiday Bowl
  • Annnnd Landing Sarge. 14-7 good guys

Things were dim for the hawks. for a minute. Purdue answered with 75 yards of his own, and once again found the end zone in the David Bell hunt that embarrassed Dane Belton.

Iowa hit the next drive and it looked like Purdue was going to swing 14 pips even Matt Hankins Hop track designated for a player not David Belle.

With only 31 signs on the clock, Iowa never kneels out like we used to seeing it. Passes from 28 and 20 yards to Nick Ragini and LaPorta got Iowa State 10 in Bordeaux 10 seconds before the end, but instead of scoring the ball, Goodson ran it out, for some reason. still, Keith Duncan We managed to reach Iowa 17-14 in the half.

The third quarter looked more like what I had expected in the first quarter as well: Lots of penalties, four strikes in circulation, and an objection from Barrington Wade In the red zone that will likely save the landing.

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Iowa closed the frame of the third debate over what to do on 4 and 4 on Purdue 33. KASINO KIRK came out to play in fourth, and a nice pass to Ragaini moved the sticks to 16.

A penalty pinned in the next play was sentenced in Iowa in a group of defeats that saw the balls sailed over heads of receivers. Keith Duncan He returned outside and added to the Iowa lead by 13 minutes to play, 20-14.

Purdue’s 5-minute 71-yard, 14-plays campaign is over with a field goal set after the Iowa defense finally takes control of the Boiler’s pass. Purdue ran very successfully (!) At that leadership, but decided to pass three times in a row into the red to give Iowa the 3 ball with 8:20 to go.

Mekhi Sargent coughed up the ball after a really promising start in leadership. We’ve seen this movie before, and we’ve never got a refund.

Xander Horvath Bordeaux put his back on the green light campaign. Thirty-two yards on five carts, along with a face mask penalty kick, David Bell set wide open in the end zone for his third touchdown of the day.

Iowa will still get the ball back with 2:15 play and a time-out.

Hankins He gets 28.

Laporta pulls a single 16 yards.





Two of these are the first touchdown if the throw is slightly better.

Iowa is now 0-1 for the first time since 2013, when the Hawkeyes fell in front of Northern Illinois at home 30-27.


  • While Barrington Wade He had a great game, as he was on an island in front of Bale to get the green light. This is on Phil Parker and nobody else.
  • Iowa was punished 10 times for 100 yards. Meanwhile, Purdue was tagged 3 times for 21 yards.
  • Iowa outpaces Bordeaux by 80 yards, and has 195 yards off the ground. Fumbilitis is another virus that we should be concerned about.
  • Devion Nixon it’s the truth.
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