Puerto Rican delegation passes the parade in Finland

In truth, there is nothing better for adapting to the drastic change of time than having fun. This is why Puerto Ricans residing in Finland have to make an adjustment of their circadian clock before arriving at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games They have so much, that while still dedicating themselves to the other great part of the purpose that brought them to the Bagulahti Olympic Training Center in that city.

Testimony of this is provided by various publications that the Olympic Committee of Puerto Rico shared on its social networks. They witness training sessions as well as times of fun, relaxation and fellowship.

For example, photos of the delegation’s participation in the breakfast, lunch and dinner hours were shown. There are also areas to relax by the pool or fun bike rides through the fields in the centre, some filled with urban, woodland-like vegetation.

A total of 22 athletes will be distributed at the Olympic Center in Lahti, in Finland. There they strive, along with their coaches, support staff and medical equipment, to fall on time as the time changes from Puerto Rico to Japan, which is 13 hours. The training base is managed and organized by the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee.

And so, between training and having fun, the Kopor put together some videos that testify to the athletes’ training sessions, like one of Yarimar Mercado’s shooters.

But there are still videos of bike trips and hot tub baths to relax the muscles.

So things are going well for the group and it will definitely get better.

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