Puerto Rican boxer Xander Zayas will train in Sydney, Australia

The Puerto Rican boxer Xander Zias He has his bags ready for the long journey. The award-winning boxer from Top Rank will travel to Australia for his training camp with the goal of his next commitment in the ring.

“My coach Javier Centeno is also coaching the 135-pound champ, Jorge Camposos, who will face Devin Haney on June 5. He will be in Australia, he will be camping at his house. We plan to fight in the summer, and we still don’t have a date, but if it follows (June 5th), well, I have to camp there.‘,” Zias shared from his residence in Sunrise, Florida.

For the 19-year-old, this will be his first travel experience outside the United States.

I’m happy, worried and a little scared. I will be away from family, the interval will be 16 hours, so when I wake up, my parents will go to bed. We won’t have much time to talk, but I have no doubts that it will be a nice experience. “For the first time I’m going to take an international trip and finally I’m going to put a stamp on my passport,” he said.

Did your mother (Yizza Castro) really cry?

“Not yet, though I think she won’t cry. I think I’ll cry. I’m going to miss her, and I’m going to miss her rice with pigeon peas, but it’s part of my job, and what I have to do and I’m willing to do it.”

Do you plan to follow the same training regimen?

“The work will remain the same no matter where I am. It will be the same dedication. We will continue to work to correct the mistakes of the past, and incorporate new things into the track, but the rest will be the same.

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This past March, Zias completed his first match of eight rounds. Quincy defeated LaVallais by unanimous decision.

To what degree do you understand that you deserve that fight?

“I’ve already seen it a few times. When I’m bored I watch it and give it an acceptable B. A.” I saw that I could have upped the pace a bit and missed some chances to take more risks, but other than that I think I chose my shots well, I was quite patient, knew when to fight, when to fight, when to attack and when to defend.. Lacks a bit of focus because he got lost in some rounds when he wasn’t seen, I think I lost him on my mind. I really lost my mind that I could go eight rounds and finish strong. Now it’s about continuing to work.”

Zias expects to spend six to eight weeks in Sydney, Australia. Then he will return to the United States. He is expected to be back in the ring by June during his Top Rank card at Madison Square Garden in New York.

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