Psychiatry: Vitus now also treats patients in the Frankenberg region at home

In action since this year: The team from Phyto Therapeutics at home in Frankenberg with (from left) Yvonne Radtke Dosha, Marcus Netzer, Tina Grosch, boss Natalia Weidner, Katja Bornmann, Florian Daenert, and Ann-Kristen Kappenstein. Their office is in Haina, but they visit patients at home.

© Photo: Stefan Petzler

The clinic says the Vitus Hina Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Clinic to treat patients at home rather than in a hospital has been well received.

Waldeck-Frankenberg – Vitos Haina offers a new form of treatment for people with severe mental illnesses who may have to be treated as an inpatient in a psychiatric clinic. Suite-like therapy (StäB) is the name of the treatment program in your home, which was only approved by law in 2018.

Vitos Therapy in Korbach has been active in this type of therapy for people from Nordwaldeck since November 2019. Since this year, Vitos has also been providing home therapy at Frankenberg StäB for mental patients in Frankenberger Land.

“Based on positive feedback from patients and treatment success, Vitus Hina has scaled up,” said a spokesperson for Ruven Ratz.

According to Vitus, StäB means that people with severe mental illness are not treated in a clinic, but are treated within their four walls by a multidisciplinary team. Every day of the week, there is direct personal contact between the patient and a member of the treatment team.

Phyto therapy is performed at home in Frankenberg by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Natalia Widener, chaired. The treatment team includes a psychiatrist, several (specialized) nursing staff, and a social worker, as well as physical and occupational therapists.

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Dr. explains. . Florian Metzger, chief of the Haina Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, who introduced StäB. By Martina Bidenbach

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Basically, according to Vitus, equivalent treatment on the ward is possible for all patients with mental illness in acute crisis. A physician’s briefing is necessary for this. The StäB team checks whether a treatment equivalent to the same suite makes sense. StäB is not suitable for people at risk to themselves or others, addiction (weighing in individual cases) or serious physical illness.

Contact: StäB-Team Frankenberg: Tel. 064 567 91361, [email protected]

StäB-Team Korbach: 0 56 31/95 32273, [email protected]äbfrankenberg,äbkorbach

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