Despite the jaw pain: Wolfsburg martial artist Augut achieved his first success as a black merchandise

What a trip to the US for Yavuz Ögüt! Even severe jaw pain couldn’t slow down a martial artist from VFL Wolfsburg. In the end, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsuka celebrated his first victory in the tournament as a black belt – winning a total of two champion belts, one gold and one silver in his run.


“I have already done many tournaments and trips. But what happened this time was a heavy burden for me,” says Ogut, who regularly ends up on the podium in competitions all over the world. A few hours before he left for Los Angeles, he felt “a throbbing in my lower jaw.” We immediately went to the dentist. Diagnosis: root canal infection. “The pain was almost unbearable. The dentist couldn’t do much because of a severe infection. That’s why I got antibiotics and painkillers for the first time.”

Yavuz Ogut – Collect Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu victories from around the world

Yavuz Ogut – Collect Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu victories from around the world

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But Ogut got on the plane anyway. The pain didn’t say, “I’ve never had to take so much painkiller in my life,” said the martial artist, who arrived in Los Angeles with a swollen cheek. On site we went to the doctor again, and the antibiotics again. Out of competition in San Diego.

But Ogot did not let the fact that his cheek hurts every time he touched it stop him. And he was creative: “I tried to keep my head, or rather my upper body, away from opponent Nabil Ibrahim in the last fight so he wouldn’t accidentally hit my face. I did so well, I won the fight for myself pretty quickly after 40 seconds. Bonus : First Champion belt as Ogut’s black belt (without kimono, expert grade.) With the kimono, it was again against Ibrahim in the final – but this time gold for the Wolfsburg boy, as there is only one belt per event.

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In Las Vegas a week later, the cheek looked better again, and the pain has subsided but can still be felt, says Ogot. Against local champion Tyler Bailey, Ogot without a kimono took the second belt on his trip to the United States. With a kimono, he had to admit defeat to an opponent from the US state of Nevada – Silver.

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