Olympic gold for Anna Jacir in the big air on the ice

Using the downhill skating style, Anna Jacir had an Olympic result to iron out, but that was settled with another gold medal in the big air, making her the only Olympic champion in the discipline.

For the first time in the competition, the double cab displayed 12 in its last round, bypassing New Zealand’s Zoi Sadowski-Synnot, who had been ahead of her until then. Japan’s Kokomo Murasi won the bronze.

“I didn’t expect that day,” Anna Jacir said after the victory. “I trained this jump really hard and was glad I was able to show it off.” Carinthian said she would also have been “satisfied with a third or second place”.

“give it all”

It was the slogan “Give everything” in the final. Eliminating one of their biggest rivals, American Jimmy Anderson, in the playoffs could have been half the battle just a few years ago. But in 2022, the field of favorite games has grown exponentially. The women’s figure skating boom, which Anna Jacir helped launch, is paying off today. Little skaters like Zoi Sadowski-Synnot (20) of New Zealand, Kokomo Murase (17) of Japan, or Tess Coady (21) of Australia sometimes set the tone.

Japan’s Rera Iwabuchi also made history on Tuesday morning, who hit a triple jump forward 1260 on her third run, a jump no woman has ever achieved in any competition. She couldn’t land cleanly either, but she was the champion of the day for the other ice skaters on the spot. They came to congratulate her, even if it wasn’t enough to get her a medal.

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30-year-old Anna Jacir can do more than just keep up. It also does the trick. But on Tuesday, the veteran Olympic champion, world champion and four-time winner of the X Games broke down the Double 1260 cab and impressively showed how confident she is in the performance of China’s best snowboarder stunt. She was the first to do this trick three years ago.

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