Prevents them from piling up on the home screen

If you are one of those who have installed many apps on their phones, but also like to keep them organized, then this trick will come in handy for you.

Download and install new apps On your mobile phone usually means that you are Automatically added to the home screen. This setting can be a plus, as it gives you direct access to those new apps and also NegationBecause if you are one of those who download many applications, you will eventually find A home screen full of apps.

If you’d rather prevent all your recently installed apps from piling up on your home screen, you’d better do that Turn off the setting that is causing this. it’s a A very simple process that we will explain step by step next one. However, you can then manually add the main apps that you want to quickly access to that screen.

How to prevent downloaded apps from going to the home screen

If you download a lot of apps, this trick is for you.

Organizing applications is a very important part so that they can be accessed and You don’t have to spend time searching Whenever you want to use one. This is the purpose of the home screen, to house your favorite apps so you can Open it directly when you unlock the device.

However, there is a setting that causes new apps you install to create a shortcut on the home screen. This can be both positive and negative, as it can lead to All applications accumulate in this placeEven people you don’t care are there.

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If you are one of those who are constantly downloading new apps on your mobile phone, then you can use this trick in Prevent everyone from being added to the home screen:

  1. On the mobile home screen, Press for a few seconds on an empty area.
  2. In the list of options that appear at the bottom, Click on “More”.
  3. Among all the available settings, you should disable one called Add apps to the home screen.

If you download many apps on your mobile phone, this trick is for you: prevent them from piling up on your home screen

After disabling this setting, new apps you install It will no longer appear as a shortcut on the main screen. if you want Add one of them to that area manuallyjust go to the list of applications, click on the corresponding application icon and scroll until the main screen appears.

This way, it will be much easier to keep the screen you see when you unlock the device orderly, since there will only be the apps you use most often. A simple modification, you see, it can Significantly improve the organization.

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