Premiered Season 8, “The Great British Baking Show” on Netflix, “Nailed It!” Bad Showstopper

Premiered Season 8, "The Great British Baking Show" on Netflix, "Nailed It!" Bad Showstopper

Great British Bread Show Not only did he return, but he was back to his best. After a disappointing season where referees played favorites and the hosts felt out of sync, the Great British Bread Show The season 8 premiere on Netflix feels like kind of a miracle. Love Productions hasn’t managed to launch a new season of the beloved show while a pandemic spreads in a bubble – which one contestant described as “Wake-Off Village” – but the energy in the tent is sweeter than it has been in ages. New host Matt Lucas is an instant hit, the bakers have great chemistry, and referees are in good morale.

The only thing wrong with it Great British Bread Showfor the first time? This nightmare challenge created by the showstopper Great British Bread Show Feel like Netflix nailed it! Bakers created cake busts of movie star Lupita Nyong’o, British TV presenter Louis Theroux, Tom DeLong from Blink-182, Sir Richard Attenborough, Mary Antoinette and writer Bill Brydon. Some turned out to be good, some were terrible, and some fell to the ground.

The new season of Great British Bread Show It opened with one of the messiest Showstoppers in the history of the show, and the reader, I fell in love with it.

David Attenborough's cake dropped in Sura at the Great British Bread Show
Photo: Netflix

Great British Bread ShowIts attraction has always been two-fold. Firstly, it’s just a nice, relaxing show. Among the Union Jack banners, delicious desserts, and the camaraderie of bakers, watch Great British Bread Show Feel like a hug. But Great British Bread Show It is also a baking competition. It’s simply thrilling to watch these regular folks sort out sweets with just a few simple pantry items. For this Great British Bread Show It works best when everyone in the tent is nice to each other and when baking challenges are tough, but actionable.

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Great British Bread Show At the premiere of Collection 8 Showstopper commissioned bakers to create a bust of a hero in their lifetime. If this sounds like it was set to fail, remember that a couple of years ago, bakers had to create giant biscuit selfies. We saw a stand-alone soda and a great lion bread on the show. Showstoppers are supposed to be tough guys. And this work was so hard that it produced not only some great edible artwork, but some very hideous creations.

How did everyone in the tent react to this challenge? Team spirit, sense of humor and grace.

Only the first week of this new season from Great British Bread ShowWe saw bakers gathering to help each other, laughing at their decorating hiccups, and we heard Paul Hollywood express his regret seeing the first discarded baker come home. (No, really. Did Paul Hollywood ever seem so regretful about this early in the season? And did you feel relieved when he gave a smug “Hollywood handshake” thing?)

Dave Tom DeLong cake on the Great British Bread Show
Photo: Netflix

Were some of the protesters ugly? Yes sure. Lupita Nyong’o deserves an apology from Hermine. Freddy Mercury got a shrunken skull! Even Mark joked that David Bowie was like “Jabba the Hutt.” But, as is the case with the hit Netflix nailed it!Everyone seemed to appreciate humor in trying to achieve perfection and palaces. It honestly helped that the judges seemed to care more about the quality of the cake than the decorations! (Which had started to be a problem last year.) In the end, they save people with good baked goods and bad decorations and give the boot to someone with a dry, over-flavored creativity.

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More than lovely about Showstopper this year? We had the opportunity to get to know bakers better. By revealing their personal heroes, the bakers have shown more of their distinct personalities. We have Jamaican poets, Olympic cyclists, Charles Darwin and writer Bill Breedon !!

In fact, I have creeping suspicion this season could be better Because Filmed during a pandemic that shakes the world. Bakers, hosts, and judges had to quarantine for two weeks together in Down Hall before the cameras rolled. That time spent together – this time away from family that everyone willingly sacrificed – seems to have forged a bond between the bakers and he is instantly evident in this episode. They are really friends, eager to reinforce each other, which is what we all stick with Great British Bread Show For.

Well done, bakers. Some of the cake statues were awful, but all Great British Bread Show The premiere of Group 8 was a huge success. You can’t wait to eat up more episodes when they stream weekly on Netflix this fall.

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