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The opening of the southern border of the United States from next November will mainly benefit the commercial sector of the states along the border with Mexico, especially in Texas cities such as Laredo and McAllen, which have been significantly affected. Specialists pointed to these closures.

Due to the emergence of Covid-19 infections in March of last year, in both Mexico and the United States, the government of this country decided to close its border with Mexico for non-essential travel, as a measure to prevent further infection of the virus. .

As a result of this action, Laredo and McAllen’s businesses were severely affected, since their main customers are Mexicans, especially from Monterrey, so their sales fell dramatically.

“The US opening of the borders is very good news in terms of revitalizing trade and exchange as well as population for their tourism,” said economist Jesus Garza, managing director of Soluciones Financieras Gamma. Garza, CEO of Soluciones Financieras Gamma.

He stressed that the most preferred would be South Texas, where there is strong investment at the federal level to revitalize this region, which is still the poorest in this state, and considers that this will give an additional boost to the economy that was in dire need of opening the borders.

“On the southern border of the United States, there are many companies that have practically been shut down due to a lack of Mexican customers, especially customers from Nuevo Leon, so this is very good news for them,” he added.

With regard to the restrictions imposed by the US government on requiring anyone wishing to enter their country to verify that they have been vaccinated with certain vaccines, this is a problem for those who have been vaccinated with those who do not consent to them,

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“I’m not an expert in virology, but for something the United States puts this restriction on, I don’t know if they find out that these two vaccines don’t want it, that they won’t accept it, maybe because they don’t have the possibility to protect the population is their socks and it will be a problem for those who have been vaccinated. with brands they don’t want.”

For his part, Jesus Rubio Campos, a researcher at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, said this opening of the border will affect local trade, as people will now go there to buy what they used to buy here.

“The unintended effect of the land border closures was that Mexican consumers in the north of the country were forced to buy from local businesses, which boosted their sales recovery after the lockdown was eased and allowed for a more frank revival in consumption internally.

“The reopening will affect the sales of some Mexican chains in this region of the country, so they will have to be more serious about discounts and promotions with a view to good discounts and Christmas,” added Rubio Campos.

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