Power Rangers comes with a new world on Netflix

Sarah Jonathan Entwistle, former author of the Netflix series The end of the F***ing world, To bring a new universe dedicated to power Rangers.

Netflix and Power Rangers will collaborate in the future to revive the franchise

Michael Lombardo, President entertainment one, revealed to final date saying:

Since we started organizing power Rangers With Jonathan, we thought of a global approach. It’s not just a show, it’s a show followed by movies and some kids’ shows. We have found a great partner who will work with him. touch the iron. Netflix is ​​excited, we’re excited, and we hope to bring you new information soon.

On the same occasion, Lombardo also revealed that Netflix is ​​developing new projects related to the Dungeons & Dragons games and Monopoly, also owned by Hasbro.

Entwistle then confirmed the news shortly after, adding: “I think the secret has now been revealed! The new world of Power Rangers is coming to Netflix!”

While you wait to see what the future holds for Power Rangers, let us know what you think of the deal with a comment below!

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