Post brings Digi postage with an NFC chip and encryption technology

Austrian Post has made major improvements to the blockchain postage stamp since 2019.

Austrian Post was launched in the first two years Blockchain postage stamp issued to the world
Since then it has continued developing this new type of postage. After four new motifs from the crypto world were released last year with a honey badger, a lama, a panda and a doggy, and a golden rhino was created using a 1 gram gold ingot from Münze Österreich AG, a “Crypto stamp 3.0” was also introduced on Friday, awaiting some characteristics. Above all, the integrated security features stand out.

Why whale?

The new version of the Digital Message Note is also decorated with an animal from the crypto realm: a whale. Anyone who owns large amounts of crypto assets is referred to as a “whale” in the community. They are so named because their decisions often make waves in the cryptocurrency markets.

Digital twin

Each of these stamps contains a digital twin, which is stored in the blockchain. There is a “wallet” that is only available to the owner. If the digital copy of the stamp is moved from one wallet to another, the transaction is authenticated in the blockchain – a digital certificate of authenticity. The digital twin of blockchain postage is randomly generated and can have one of five colors: black, green, blue, yellow, and red.


For the first time, NFC technology is also being used on an Austrian postage stamp: the Crypto 3.0 stamp is based on NFC-supported authenticity verification and is encrypted with an encrypted form. If you carry a smartphone with NFC functionality on the package or on a stamp pad, you can tell if you have a real Crypto 3.0 stamp in your hands. By reading the NFC chip, both the authenticity and the digital twin can be revealed, according to the newspaper. No separate app is required for this, as the NFC chip leads to a separate website for the stamp copy in question, where a sleeping whale can be seen when not activated. The digital twin is ‘detected’ by scanning the QR code on the front.


Crypto 3.0 has a face value of € 9.90 and can be used as a standard postal stamp to redeem letters and parcels. Pre-orders are now possible. Regular sales will start on June 21, 2021 – from this day pre-ordered copies will also be dispatched. The digital stamp is distributed to 100,000.

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