Athletics: America’s Dream: Top Athletes Turn US Coaches

A whole group of German athletes are now training with American coaches. A similar trend can be seen among swimmers.

Anyone who has ever experienced Carl Lewis knows how influential this man can be. One can hardly escape his aura. Louis is a mask man. In light of this, the only thing that has happened recently is what happened after I met an American Malaika Mihambo. Currently the most successful German athlete is under the wing of the nine-time Olympic champion. Mihambo told Bild am Sonntag that she had inspirational conversations with Lewis. Under his supervision, you want to develop more as an athlete and as a person. The world long jump champion wants to start in August United States of America Training. Provided that the sanitary regulations allow entry.

Mihambo extends the list of notable “immigrants”

With this, Mihambo expands the list of notable athletes hoping for a new boost to their career on the other side of the Atlantic. Prior to Mihambo, middle-distance athlete Konstanze Klosterhalfen and sprinter Gina Luckenkemper announced their change to US coaches. Obstacle runner Jisa Krause also trains frequently in the United States.

For all of them, the conditions they find in this country are no longer promising. This could have individual reasons, for example, longtime Mihambo coach Ralph Weber is said to have terminated the collaboration due to personal reasons. However, a trend emerges from the sum of individual decisions. She says top German athletes are moving to the United States. This doesn’t just apply to them Athletics, But also for the second primary Olympic sport. Marius Koch and Jacob Heidtmann, for example, are among the best that pool swimmers in Germany have to offer. For the Summer Olympics in Tokyo next summer, they both trust the coaches’ expertise in San Diego.

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Better training conditions, better coaches, better results

Here as there, top US athletes expect better training conditions, better coaches, and, as a result, better performance. In the German Athletics Federation, they commented on Mihambo’s change of tattoo. If athletes are looking for a new challenge to develop personally and athletically, they cannot be stopped, DLV President Jürgen Kissing was quoted as saying.

The development of Mihambo and the World Cup victory in Doha showed that the German vault coaching team “has a very high international standard and winning the title is totally achievable with our support system”. Just believing in it seems to be disappearing more and more athletes.

Good communication between training and sports

On the other hand, the United States considers itself the leading sporting nation in the world. Excellent sport there is much more important than it is in Germany. While football moves crowds and massive amounts of money almost exclusively here, benefits and financial resources are widely distributed in the USA. Football is a team sport that dominates there as well. But in particular, representatives of the most important Olympic disciplines have a high reputation.

Many top athletes take advantage of university training conditions through scholarships. “The networking between training and sport is better than anywhere else in America,” says former national swimming coach Henning Lambertz. He testifies to his American colleagues that they operate with an “open mind”. Literally new things are absorbed there, while in Germany there is usually a mistrust at first.

In addition, the coaches in the USA have a high reputation in the community. And they get better paid – by the athletes themselves, too, as Heidtmann told the NDR: “I have to pay my swimming coaches and strength coaches monthly.” In Germany, most coaches are amateurs and usually only receive fees from clubs for their work.

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