Police officers across the U.S. have left their jobs in recent days. There were resignations here

Police officers across the U.S. have left their jobs in recent days. There were resignations here
Protesters called on their community leaders to hold police officers accountable and defended the police – in the hope that those funds could be diverted to other programs.
Many local leaders responded by signing orders to change the way the department works, promising further reform and swift action on incidents of police brutality that have emerged in recent weeks.

But as anger rages in parts of the country, some U.S. police departments are facing their own crises, and some officers have now decided to leave.

In Minneapolis, from the department submitted at least seven police officers as protests sparked by Floyd’s death in late May flooded city streets. More than half a dozen officials are also in the process of leaving, a city spokesman told CNN.

The number of officers who are no longer in the department does not include the four men who participated in Floyd’s death and were fired, according to a Casper Hill city spokesman,

“Nothing leads us to believe that the numbers are so high at the moment that it will be problematic,” police spokesman John Elder told the Minneapolis Star Tribune of outgoing officers, who include both patrols and detectives.

“People want to leave employment for a myriad of reasons – MPD is no exception,” Elder said.

Members of the department condemned the actions of former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin – who pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes – in an open letter last week.

“Derek Chauvin failed as a man and deprived George Floyd of his dignity and life. We are not like that,” the letter, signed by 14 officials, reads. “We are neither a union nor a management,” the letter said.

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In Atlanta

Atlanta became the epicenter of protests this week after a black man was caught in the back and killed on Friday night. After the murder of Rayshard Brooks, an Atlanta police officer resigned, and the officer who killed the 27-year-old father was fired. Another officer was appointed to administrative duty.

Atlanta police said eight officers resigned this month.

“Our staff figures show that in 2020, we had two to six employees fired per month,” Atlanta police said.

The Atlanta officer who shot Rayshard Brooks had several citizen complaints against him, footage shows

The Atlanta Police Foundation previously reported that 19 officers had resigned, “since the beginning of the social justice protest.” The foundation has since withdrawn that wrong number.

Prior to Brooks’ murder, some were criticized for charges six police officers faced after a video of the group forcibly shaking hands with two black students who were in their car and stuck in traffic caused by constant protests.
Those critics included Atlanta Police Chief Erica Shields, who has already fired two police officers involved, and said she did not expect charges.

The criminal charges “were never part of any discussion I had with the mayor or her administration,” Shields wrote in a letter sent to the department by CNN. “I called the Attorney General and expressed my concern, both for the appropriateness and for the timing of any allegations,” Shields wrote.

In South Florida

In South Florida, 10 officials have resigned from their city’s SWAT unit due to security concerns, saying they feel “reluctant to politicize our tactics,” according to documents obtained from CNN.

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Officers sent a letter to Hallandale Beach Police Chief Sonii Quinones, saying they were “minimally equipped, trained and often restrained by politicizing our tactics to the point of dog safety over team members safety.”

They also said they were dissatisfied after command staff knelt with activists and others during Monday’s demonstration, the letter said.

Last week, swift and decisive action was taken against police in major U.S. cities

“Until these conditions and feelings are removed and resolved, we cannot safely, effectively, and in good faith perform duties in this capacity without exposing ourselves and our families to this unnecessarily increased level of risk,” the officials wrote.

Police officers resigned only from the SWAT unit and not from the police department, Hallandale Beach city manager Greg Chavarria said.

The boss told CNN on Monday night that she was “extremely disappointed” by the officer’s decision.

“They walked away from the task. They never talked to me in advance and informed me of their concerns,” she said. “If we don’t connect and communicate, then we don’t address concerns.”

She said that what the officials wrote in their letter was incorrect, adding that she should not kneel to oppose the police, but to be in solidarity with their community.

“We provided increased training hours, we secured over $ 100,000 in the last two years in SWAT equipment, and then they incorrectly and falsely stated that I was kneeling in solidarity with the vice president, which was not the case. It was in our honor. community, “the chief said.

In Buffalo

In Buffalo, New York, nearly 60 officers resigned ambulance crews over the suspension of two police officers caught in a video pushing an elderly protester to the ground.
Why do some police officers gather around their colleagues - even when they are accused of committing a crime

“Fifty-seven resigned due to fever due to the treatment of two of its members, who were simply carrying out orders,” Buffalo Volunteers Association President John Evans told CNN’s WGRZ affiliate earlier.

The two arrested in the video were charged with assault and pleaded not guilty. The 75-year-old protester was seen falling to the ground and bleeding from his head.

The 57 officers who resigned did not leave the force – but made up the entire active team to respond quickly to this department, the Buffalo mayor’s office told CNN.

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Several members of the unit are currently at large and are not included in the 57 who have resigned, the mayor’s office said.

CNN’s Josh Campbell, Aaron Cooper and Chandler Thornton contributed to this report.

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