POL-HOL: now in the region of Eschershausen and Stadtoldendorf – “Senior Post 70+” is distributed

Hameln Pyrmont / Holzminden Police Station

Holzminden District (OTS)

A prevention project that started last year in the county of Holzminden, through which police specifically warn older people about fraud and give advice on how to behave, is currently underway in the municipality of Eschershausen-Stadtoldendorf.

Holzenden Police Project Director, Chief Police Inspector Rosniuk, delivered nearly 2,200 letters with the ‘Living Safely into Old Age’ brochure and overview of voluntary security advisors to local police and administration contacts this week. The attached screen has also proven useful, as it is placed next to the intercom and is intended to warn of treacherous scams by fraudsters who often use the phone.

“Protect yourself from scammers and scammers,” says the letter from the network’s partners from the police and the common community, “Don’t fall in love with the lousy tricks of scammers!”.

For the first time, letters are distributed with the participation of the municipality, so letters are delivered to the nine member municipalities and to the city of Eschershausen within the combined municipality.

The phenomenon of calls as a bank employee or police officer, grandson hoax or calling via messengers such as “Whatsapp”, aimed at savings for older citizens, has already been addressed in the work of the Local Prevention Council – “Together we do not want to give scammers a chance!” The mayor confirms Joint Anders in the exchange of information with the police command.

“We are very pleased to benefit from the community’s support,” said Chief Constable Busch of Holzminden and Chief Inspector Schiffel of Stadtoldendorf. Only in the city of Stadtoldendorf his colleagues become postmen for good reason.

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Project cooperation partners at the district level are not only the elderly and care base in Holzminden County, but also help victims of the crime “White Ring”.

Holzminden Police can provide more information about the project via the Prevention Officer, PHK Rusniok, at 05531/958-0.

Questions please contact:

Hameln Pyrmont / Holzminden Police Station
Stadtoldendorf . Police Station
PHK Holger Scheffel
Phone: 05532/504750
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Original content from: Police Inspectorate Hameln-Pyrmont / Holzminden, transmitted by aktuell news

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