Pokemon in Reality: A Researcher Discovers New Species

A researcher expressing his love for Pokemon in his work. Getty Images / janiecbros

Three newly discovered animals in Australia are given a real honor: a researcher connects the three legendary species of Pokemon. Despite the visual differences, the animals live up to their calling it another level.

What animals are named after the legendary Pokemon?

There are Pokemon fans of all ages and professions – researchers included. One of those PhD Pokémon fans is Yun Hsiao. He recently discovered three new insect species in Australia and immediately thought of famous pocket monsters, such as Rant Game Reports.

This is how Hsiao and his team came up Three new varieties of Binburrum, One of the Australian beetle species. According to the researcher, newly discovered beetles are extremely rare – just like the three legendary birds Pokémon Arktos, Lavados, and Zaptos from Pokémon Red and Blue Edition. So the obvious names? Binburrum articuno, Binburrum zapdos und Binburrum moltres.

Pokemon inspires seekers again and again

Researchers naming their discoveries after Pokemon is nothing new. In the past, researchers have found this method Dinosaur fossil Who are you Aerodactylus Titled. The name is of course based on the Pokémon Aerodactyl fossil.

Another Pokemon that was used in wildlife with his name is Charizard. is being English title “Charizard” Today it is found in bees Chillicola Charger again.

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Scientists discovered a new species of Australian beetle and quickly named it the legendary Pokemon Arctus, Zapdos and Lavados. The reason for this is not their appearance, but rather the fact that they are rarely found in the wild. Definitely an interesting way to immortalize a Pokemon in science.

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