Plot and cast of Ryan Murphy’s new series

Following the eleventh season of the recently released American Horror Story, director Ryan Murphy is working on a new Netflix Original TV series called “The Watcher,” based on a true story. Let’s find out the plot and the actors together.

Ryan Murphy Known as the director of the famous TV series american horror story and many others, such as torn NS Hollywood. I’m currently working on a new original series Netflix which will be titledobserver‘, inspired by a true story.

currently date of publication From the short series, on the other hand, the same series has not been officially announced officially by the streaming service, but the main artists who will participate in the first season have been revealed, among them Bobby CannavaleAnd Naomi Watts NS Jennifer College.

Observer: Don’t throw

Monitor -2The TV series is based on a true story New York Magazine Which took place in 2014. That year Broaddus couple I decided to buy a beautiful and expensive one colonial dwelling from 1905 in New Jersey, but once they move in with their children, from threatening messages signed by observer They began to intimidate the family.

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The messenger keeps chasing after them, until the family decides Left the home. Over the years, threats against new tenants who follow each other have not stopped, until 2019 the house has not stopped cleansed.

The sinner It was never found, but previously analyst DelFBI Hired by the Broaddus family, it is stated that most likely it was near Between 50 and 60 years old.

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3 . watcherFew of the names revealed that will be involved in the making of observer. Among these we find Robert Michael Cannavale, She said Bobby, a well-known actor who starred recently Nine Perfect Stranger, Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle, Jolt, Ant-Man NS Irish. Besides the actor, there will be Naomi Watts, a historical actress known for her roles in king kong character NS Mulholland Road.

Recently, a new entry to the cast was announced, specifically Jennifer CollegeCurrently filming the second season of white lotus in turn Tania.

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