Platini and Blatter to stand trial in Switzerland for fraud

The two former leaders, also accused of unfair administration, abuse of trust and false titles, are suspected of “Illegally obtained 2 million Swiss francs on the account of FIFA“($2.1 million)” in favor of Michel Platini, “sets the jurisdiction in Bellinzona (southeast of Switzerland).

Triple Ballon d’Or, advisor to Joseph Blatter between 1998 and 2002In his first term at FIFA, according to a written contract signed in 1999, he agreed to an annual bonus of 300,000 Swiss francs, “billed from Platini and paid in full by FIFA,” the Swiss attorney general’s office said in early November.

In 2011, “more than eight years after the end of his activities as a director,” the former France captain confirmed his “debt of 2 million Swiss francs,” which the football authority had paid “with the help” of Sepp Blatter, and which prosecutors deemed “unfounded.”

Fraud can lead to five years in prison in Switzerland

Both of them repeat since the beginning of the investigation that they have orally decided an annual salary of one million Swiss francs for this work as a consultant, Without FIFA’s finances at that time allowing Platini to be paid, therefore, according to them, the debt was simply paid off late.

Fraud can result in up to five years in prison (or a monetary penalty) under Swiss law.

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