Planning to do Toc toc in English in the UK – El Sol de México

Maurice Gilbert is a theatrical man and not even the pandemic has been able to make him lift a finger off the line. His company Best Theater currently has nine plays on the billboard and plans to move some productions to Argentina, Spain and the UK.

He says he is making “the Mexican theater of the world” and although he is not planning any premiere in Mexico in the near future, if he has the idea of ​​moving his successful shows to other countries, his first stop will be Argentina, although he has not revealed any of his plays .

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Producer Vaginal soliloquyAnd the Confessions of Thirty Women And the Defending the Cavemanhe learned in a press conference that his life dream is Tuk Tuk Mountain in English and in Great Britain.

This longing will make it happen in the long run thanks to Icelandic producer Oskar Eriksson, who has produced works across Europe.

Meanwhile, Gilbert, who says the best week for theater is Holy Week, hopes to revive theater in the interior of the country, next week he will perform alone in the dark in San Luis Potosi, before Friday, April 8, he will celebrate 100 performances of the play herself in Mexico City, sponsored by Pablo Monteiro, Eliana Fox and Juan Osorio.

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