Plan to remove abandoned satellites wins UK funding

09/28/2022 at 13:23


In the orbit of the planet there is a lot of abandoned garbage

This space junk is mostly abandoned satellites that no longer work

Two neglected satellites will be removed from Earth’s orbit under a plan by a UK-based consortium.. The satellites are more than a decade old and it will take up to 100 years before atmospheric drag causes them to re-enter the atmosphere naturally and then disintegrate. This was reported by the British media BBC.

The British Space Agency awarded 2.2 million pounds in funding To help the consortium develop its plan. The project is led by a startup company clear spaceThe London-based organization, in which the Edinburgh organization AstroAgency is involved, will design a spacecraft to capture satellites and then remove them from Earth’s orbit, and thus from the path of other satellites.

The initiative is part of a broader effort To clean up space debris that accumulates more than 430 miles in low Earth orbit. Satellites launched decades ago still occupy space in Earth’s orbit with related dangers. This problem can be solved with this original and interesting initiative.

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