Peter Altmire wants to form a “new climate alliance” with the United States

Under the presidency of the United States Donald Trump He has the United States of America The Paris climate agreement ended and adopted climate protection to a large extent. Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmaier)CDU) Meditate now with the chosen caliph Joe Biden To be able to reconnect with old partnerships. “I think it is right and necessary that we, as Europeans, be the first to approach the new American president in order to form a new climate alliance,” Altmire told the German news agency dpa.

Biden announced that the United States would rejoin the Paris climate agreement and set ambitious targets for itself. He will replace Trump on January 20.

“I see great hope in this for restarting climate protection policy internationally,” Altmire said. »I can very well imagine that the climate summit between President Biden and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, Come. “

Reorganization after “four years full of misunderstanding”

Germany The European Union has also worked with China on climate protection. “China has announced that it will advance and tighten its climate goals – these words must now follow action. I strongly support that no one be excluded from these discussions, because every contribution to climate protection counts,” Altmire said.

But the first thing to do now is to reorganize transatlantic cooperation, after four years of misunderstanding and conflict. For me, this also means that we have trade disputes between Europe “But above all, for me, that means we’re on the same wavelength again when it comes to protecting the climate,” the minister said.

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