Peruvian presidential candidate pledges gas nationalization – Prensa Latina

On a tour of the southern Andes region of Puno, which borders Bolivia, Mendoza highlighted as reference the experience of Evo Morales’ government to restore sovereignty over natural resources.

Yesterday, the applicant had a virtual dialogue with Morales on issues of concern to the two countries, highlighting their connections, and noting that foreign companies in Bolivia, such as the ones that control gas, are now partners with Bolivia. status.

On the floating islands of the indigenous people of Urus, in Lake Titicaca, the Leftist Bloc Candidate Together for Peru highlighted the value of indigenous peoples and said that they will be promoted in the new constitution advocating for them.

He added that the new constitution, which is the product of a process that will start with a referendum to consult people if they want change, “will be popular, participatory, and multinational.”

He said, “It will be a new constitution in which the voice of Aymara, Kechuas, Arus, Shipipu, Ashaninkas and others will be, and their voice will be heard.”

Mendoza also considered that a new time was coming, when the sovereign people would have to exercise sovereignty over their lands and resources, and he confirmed that, if elected, the first procedure would be to call a constitutional referendum.

In line with the environmental focus of his government’s plan, he has also pledged to implement the Lake Titicaca water purification project.

On the other hand, he denied the “usual” attacks, that is, the media and conservative politicians, that what he was proposing was not possible, that it would generate chaos, divest investment and lead the country to bankruptcy.

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“The reality is different, because when a sovereign people takes back what belongs to them, it is for the benefit of our people and their families,” he added.

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