Mathematics and physics are not compulsory to enroll in an engineering course .. a new practice

Currently in practice for BE, B.Tech. Mathematics, physics and chemistry are compulsory subjects for admission to engineering courses. In this context, the All India Council of Technology has redefined the new procedures for admission to engineering courses.

We have been advised that even those who have not studied subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry can enroll in an engineering course. This practice will take effect from the upcoming 2021-2022 academic year. Accordingly, 12 subjects are listed in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, Biology and Biotechnology, Agriculture, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Education. If you studied any of these three in the twelfth semester, you could join an engineering course.

The All India Council of Technology (AICT) said that those who have not studied mathematics, physics and chemistry, which are fundamental subjects of engineering, can choose them as a supplementary subject after joining the twelfth criterion.

In an environment where students have not shown an interest in enrolling in engineering courses over the past few years, this announcement will increase student enrollment. According to the Technology Council of India, a Certificate of Proficiency will be issued under the new education policy if a student leaves the course within a year or two of the four-year engineering course.

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