PC Dock and Mac Disgust: Intel’s message to users and Apple in new announcements

Since the launch of the M1 – Apple – MacBook processor, there seems to be a lot of pressure on Intel to upgrade its game. Even the CEO of the company called Apple, city, cat Both Lifestyle and Intel have made it clear that it’s important to ditch the M1. In a series of banned ads, Intel broke images and everything related to Apple. Interestingly, Intel also chose the actor – Justin Love – whom Apple used years ago for a campaign called “I’m a Mac.”

All ads begin with the phrase Love, “Hey, I’m … Justin” is a simple user to make a real comparison between a MacBook and a Windows laptop.

For example, in an ad, Justin looks at the flexibility of Windows laptops that can be turned into 2-in-1 devices – laptops and tablets. MacBook is not. The announcement doesn’t stop there and it clearly states that if you want a MacBook 2-in-1 you should buy an iPad, Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

In another announcement, Intel vied for an Apple MacBook gaming site – Games. Justin goes to meet a player who is using a gaming laptop and asks where the player is on the Mac. “Nobody is playing on the Mac,” he replies. Cruel but maybe there is a lot of truth in that statement because you will find a lot of Windows laptops while Mac realizes that it is not a gaming laptop.

Other ads feature high-quality images and pick up MacBooks that either lack touchscreen capability or cannot connect to more than one external display. In fact, in one of the ads, Intel couldn’t help but search Siri extensively.

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The ads are a little fun and aim to get to Apple where it hurts. Having said that, Intel will have to optimize its processor to actually compete with the M1 instead of taking a picture at Apple through ads.

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