Pay for travel to countries where abortion is possible

In a lengthy letter to broadcasting giants, hundreds of American women, including screenwriters, dissidents and professionals, asked for the support of those workers who live in those states where abortion has become an illegal practice: “It is unacceptable to ask anyone to choose between human rights and work.” .

US Supreme Court decision to overturn 1973 Judgment in Roe v. valley, which effectively abolished the constitutional right to abortion, is one of the most important topics discussed in the United States for several weeks now. What the Supreme Court established made it immediately Abortion is illegal in 13 states It is feared that a long wave could spread to other regions of the United States.

This is why pro-choice demonstrations are increasingly frequent, such as those by more than 400 women in the entertainment world, including screenwriters, showrunners, and professionals who have sent to Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Paramount, Lionsgate, and AMC characters in it. linesabortion safety protocols, A series of measures aimed at ensuring the safety of workers working in countries where abortion is no longer permitted. In the letter, published exclusively by Variety, the companies are explicitly asked to develop a protocol capable of guaranteeing Protection and security For women at risk.

What are the requests?

The demand is divided into a series of points, the first of which is economic support that allows female workers Travel to those countries where abortion is permitted. Among the essential points there is also the demand for compensation, as well as legal protection, for any person among the production members to facilitate the implementation of the same protocol and to provide guidance to the employee intending to perform an abortion. Finally, the explicit request of Stop any donations to political candidates against abortion. In the long letter reported by Variety days ago, we read: “It is unacceptable to ask someone to choose between human rights and work. This situation raises massive problems in terms of equality and health and safety in the workplace. Many of us can only have the jobs and families that we have if they give us the freedom to choose what is best for ourselves. We have a duty as a group To protect the basic human rights of our colleagues.”

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Even the showmen sign the letter

The deadline for a response request is an appointment July 28, but it appears that there were no clear signals from the companies in question. So in the last few hours the men have also taken to the field, so far they have been silent regarding the message. existing 594 between writers and opponents — including JJ Abrams, Jordan Peele, Greg Berlanti, Donald Glover, Aaron Sorkin, David E. Kelley, Taika Waititi and Ryan Murphy — sign the Request for Abortion Safety Protocols, accompanying the subscription with a short text saying in solidarity with “Colleagues, transgender and non-binary people who are waiting for a response from our employers regarding a crisis that promises to be imminent.” So a response from questionable broadcast giants is expected, which could play a fundamental role in this game.

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