Paul Wesley pulls Matthew Davis, co-star of The Vampire Diaries, for supporting Donald Trump


It all starts after writer Alaric Saltzman comments on the vice president’s debate, “It’s good if the mediator stops boycotting Pence and lets him finish his point.”

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Paul Wesley And the Matthew Davis‘On “The Vampire Diaries“They might have the same tastes on the show, but the actors sure have different preferences when it comes to politics. The two men were attending him on Twitter the night of Wednesday, October 7 as the vice president’s debate was broadcast on television.”

Matthew explained that it is present Donald TrumpHe wrote alongside him in a deleted tweet since then, “It would be nice if the broker stops boycotting Pence and lets him finish his point.” Paul, a staunch supporter of Joe Biden, did not take his tweet very well as he said in response, “It would also be nice for Pence to answer the question he was originally asked instead of swerving.”

Before one knew it, their conversation turned into a full blown Twitter feud. Matthew said, apparently referring to the fact that Hillary Clinton ultimately lost to Trump. The 2016 presidential election after it sparked controversy by using a private email server for official public communications instead of using official State Department email accounts saved on secure federal servers.

Paul responded by noting that the “criminal and the loser” was Trump, not Hillary. “You are wrong. I did not vote for Trump in 2016,” he wrote on Twitter. Paul didn’t get a response from his former co-star, he returned to Blue Bird to tag Matthew by referring to The CW Show. “The men Alaric drank some pigeon plants, he lost them,” he said, referring to the herb that was considered toxic to the vampires on the show and made them vulnerable.

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After Matthew remained unperturbed, he simply responded with an emoji of yawning, to which Paul responded by saying, “Brighten the little baby you know you miss me,” but Matthew did not reply after that.

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