Pat Sajak is getting heated by the “ungrateful” contestant’s rift.

Pat Sajak would like to purchase a vowel – for the word “sorry.”

The ever-jubilant Wheel of Fortune presenter apologized for jokingly calling a player who questioned the puzzle’s wording on the show on Wednesday, According to the picks And reports.

Sagak punched contestant Darren McBain after he solved the puzzle but then indicated that his wording was meaningless – prompting the host to mock that he was “ungrateful”! This sparked speculation that he was upset with the player.

MacBean, who cleaned her mother in 1982 as a three-day contestant, was asked to come up with four “things that start with the word” kitchen. “

He correctly guessed, “cupboard, oven, towels, sink” – then told Sajak that there is no such thing as a “kitchen oven”.

“Kitchen oven?” MacBean said. “What was that?” Who would call it a “kitchen oven”?

“Do not! You won! Don’t argue, Darren! … you have a puzzle. Ungrateful players! I got it! “Sausage shouted with a smile.” No, I’m just kidding. It was finally taken! “

But some viewers seem to be taking the game’s host very seriously, with One tweet, @Patsajak I almost lost it on this guy #WheelOfFortune.

else Added“Pat not get it tonight.”

Sajak later apologized to McBain, who ended up making $ 15,350, According to Yahoo! News.

He told the player, “I’m sorry I shouted at you.” “It’s just – I don’t remember your mom causing us problems like you did.”

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