Pass the qualification exam as a lawyer

Kim Kardashian, the famous influencer and star of the TV show based on her family life, has made it, and in the face of gossip she finally passed her first qualifying test. After three failed attempts, the businesswoman who For years I have been involved in campaigns Against unfair convictions in the United States triumphed in California.

This test, which only about 20% of students pass, will allow you to continue studying law in your home state and, later, to take the final exam that will make you an official solicitor. Concern for justice is not new in the Kardashian family: the father, in fact, was not only a close friend of OJ Simpson, but also one of his rights advocates during the famous 1995 trial.

The path Kim took is not the traditional one, as she does not hold a college degree. Indeed, in the United States, only after attending a course similar to the three-year Italian course does one usually apply to law school. However, in his case, Kardashian decided to pursue an apprenticeship, under the guidance of a lawyer, an alternative regimen to meet the necessary requirements.

Since 2019, Kim Kardashian has combined her career as an influencer, businesswoman, and model, and her responsibilities as a mother and wife to famous rapper Kanye West, with the role of a student.

Commenting on her results on social media, Kardashian wrote: “Looking in the mirror I’m so proud of the woman I see reflected.” “I didn’t pass the exam three times in two years, but I did every time and study hard to pass it!

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