Participation of Chrissy Teigen in a new quarrel on Twitter after it was described as “no layers”


The “Chrissy’s Court” star responded to an Internet troll as “layered” after the famous cookbook author announced her plan to replace her Twitter address.

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Chrissy Teigen Dwarf criticized on Twitter for calling it “layered.”

The former supermodel recently announced that she will replace her Quibi show image.Chrissy CourtShe headed her on Twitter, since the streaming service was now non-existent, but her original post evolved into an ugly microblogging feud.

I read Chrissy’s initial tweet, “I think I should change Chrissy’s head in court lol bye Quibi, only uuuuuu understood (sic).”

In response to her message, one Twitter user announced that they would not follow Chrissy because she “follows everything”.

The Model – Married to the Music Star John Legend – She later shared the reply, which she has since deleted.

After that, a Twitter user said, “I didn’t say anything terrible about you. What I just did was really layered.”

Then Chrissy fans urged the individual to be cute on the stage.

The user said in response, “160 tweets within an hour are in my opinion too much. But the way they responded was completely layered. (Sic)”

At that point, Chrissy came back to the discussion and said, “I haven’t tweeted for 3 days, then I said 6 things. For the night you’re weird and angry. (Sic)”

The dwarf later posted a screenshot in an effort to prove that Chrissy had tweeted 160 times in an hour.

But in fact, the display verified that there were 160 tweets containing her name.

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This comes after Chrissy – who has more than 13 million followers on the platform – revealed earlier that she had decided to backtrack on social media amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The star, who recently had a miscarriage, shares her daughter Luna, 4, and Miles, 2, with her husband, John, and made it clear that she was focusing on her mental health during the crisis.

“I’m barely online, and it was at my therapist’s request,” she said.

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