Paris Hilton: Her Cooking Show Will Finally Show On Netflix سيتم

In the end it happened: because of persistence, Paris Hilton will have him cooking program It will be called “Cooking With Paris” and it will be released next month Netflix.

It doesn’t matter that the heiress has repeatedly said that she doesn’t know how to cook, it doesn’t matter that she’s already tried it on her Youtube channel, walking around the stove with her Chihuahua in her arms: If your name was “Paris Hilton”, you’d spend your TV evenings in the kitchen. And so since then August 4 The first season will start from cooking with paris, Where you are all invited to cook with ex-singer, ex-model and now Cook.

The CNN To know that there will be Six episodes Most likely, it appears disaster after disaster. “She is not a qualified chef and is not trying to prove it.”, states a press release. “help him famous friends, Discover new ingredients, new recipes, and exotic kitchen tools. Inspired by her YouTube channel, Paris will take us from the grocery store to the takeaway table. And maybe, eventually, he might even learn to truly orient himself in the kitchen. “

From Netflix, the description is as follows: “Inverted traditional cooking programWe don’t know with what kind of perspective to watch the series next, whether the TVs will turn on or not, but we do know that in “Cooking with Paris” we’ll see the entrepreneur show it.As a housewife, she welcomes us into her kitchen to learn how to burn herself and the true meaning of zest and fry.“.

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Let’s at least hope the result will be great‘, they concluded. Masterchef Italia judges, forgive them, if you can.

[Fonte: CNN]

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