Papara has been removed from Google Play

The Papara mobile app, which functions as a local payment tool, has been removed from the Google Play Store. Although there was no official statement on this topic, the complaints of some users did not go unnoticed.

It is one of the most popular financial instruments in Turkey recently UnprecedentedAn interesting event is happening in. According to user reports, while there were various problems transferring money for a few days, the Papara mobile app is now gone. Papara, which iOS users can download from the App Store, on the Google Play Store Far fetched Event.

Why was the Papara mobile app removed from the Google Play Store Anonymous. Additionally, the company has not released an official statement on this matter. Twitter Users who access the relevant company during controls “Hey, our technical teams have been informed. You will be able to download our app from the Google Play Store as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and understanding.” See it called.

Quite among the user reviews for Papara There are interesting claims. Some users say there are problems transferring money, while some users say their accounts are suspended and that they are victims. However, Papara, which appears as a local payment system, does not require users to pay any fees due to the payments it makes. He managed to be among his favorites.

Here are some complaints from users




Yesterday we shared with you our other popular news in Turkey In the cryptocurrency exchange Since the problems started to happen We mentioned. Now, the fact that a similar situation is taking place on the Babara front has caused panic among the citizens using such platforms. However, as we just mentioned, Babara has yet to make an official statement on the matter. If company officials contact us or make a statement through official channels, they will be happy to inform you of new developments. We will continue. By the way, to the Papara listing page that no longer works in the Google Play Store, Here You can access the link provided.

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The following statement came from Papara on the subject:

“Due to a technical issue, our app is currently not visible on the Google Play Store. We expect it to be resolved in a short time. This will not affect users who have already downloaded and used our app.”

The Papara mobile app is back in the Google Play Store:

Papara officials released a new statement at around 19:30 and announced that the issue with the Google Play Store has been resolved and the app has been added to the store again. Babara’s statement reads as follows:


Our users’ attention;

During the day, the technical issue we encountered in the Google Play Store was resolved and our app is available for download again. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Now you can download the Papara app from the Google Play Store and enjoy financial freedom …

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