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On Tuesday, December 14, CEO Leo Rocco will present the project to Mayor Leoluca Orlando, partners, and the press. The Californian company opens a center in Sicily and is looking for developers and engineers

From Silicon Valley to Palermo with a view to investing in Italy, starting with Sicily. It’s a project trust systems, an American startup based in San Francisco, California with the support of Sicily Corporation Rule, will open a European Innovation Center in Palermo, employing more than 50 resources to be included among web developers and professionals. The project will be inspected by the mayor Luluka Orlando, Tuesday December 14, at the Palazzo delle Aquile at 11.30, and for the press and company partners, at 17.30 Enterprise Barbaro Via Butera, 24. Presentation of the CEO of trust systems, italian american Leonardo RoccoAnd Marco Imperato e Daniel Rotolo, founders Rule, Technological Innovation Adviser to the Municipality of Palermo, Paulo Petralia Camassa. Free entry on the green lane.

What are trust systems?

epidemic of covid 19 It has changed the lives of the inhabitants of the planet and further complicated the corporate routine with new bureaucratic and operational procedures. This was an inspiration for the Italian-American Leonardo Rocco To make or to invent trust systems, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to monitor all production processes, to ensure that they are carried out in the correct manner and that they can be checked at any time by the supervisor and the customer. From banks, food companies, restaurants and hotel chains to specialized mechanical workshops and schools, wherever there are multiple levels of intervention and different sequences of operations, it provides a precise control system. “In a world full of doubts, we all need people we can trust, people we fully trust to do the job well” is Della claim Confidence® Partner Community.

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Who is Leonardo Rocco?

The son of two parents who immigrated to New York in 1965, Leonardo RoccoLiu said, is a global expert in product development and a pioneer in the field of mobile payments. He is the one who created the company trust systems that developed the platformdo the right things” Based on artificial intelligence that provides peace of mind, making getting things done according to applicable regulations and guidelines more efficient, consistent and transparent, so that businesses can thrive. In Palermo, he will also present the Italian version of his book “Winning @ Product Development”, which was published in English at the beginning of 2021.

What is the ruling?

Rule, partner trust systems, active in the digital, technology and innovation sectors, is a start-up company based in Palermo, founded by Marco Imperato, formerly Cpo of Mosaicoon and has experience in Saatchi & Saatchi and from Daniel Rotolo, former HR Director of Mosaicoon and first time at Piaggio and Erg. Since 2020, he has been involved in training national and international companies on the latest methodologies and frameworks as well as future digital and technical talent with the aim of “retaining” them in Sicily. Rule will support trust systems In identifying and training the 50 resources who will form the technology hub and who will develop, maintain and test platform software.

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