Padilla honored in Las Ventas in front of the ambassadors of the United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, China, Sudan and Senegal…

Next Thursday, March 31, starting at 6:00 pm, Diplomatic Academy In cooperation with Bullfighting Center in the Community of Madrid He will pay a kind and affectionate salute to the bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla For his significant career in bullfighting since he took over the swing in 1994. After 24 years in the business, he was known as “Cherry Cyclone” He will get into this act, so he deserves appreciation for the life devoted to the bull.

An honoring ceremony was planned in the Plaza de toros de . sales, Unless for weather reasons, it should be held in Antonio Bienvenida’s room. padilla, Internationally recognized for his dedication, race, honor and resounding victories in arenas across the country, he arrives at Monumental Venteña surrounded by friends, colleagues and VIPs who maintain a close relationship with the Jerez-born right-hand man and whom they love in a special way to everything that lives and conquers in the world of bullfighting.

In addition to the presence of different wrestlers and personalities from the world of bullfighting in the event, there will be attendance of many ambassadors from different countries such as Belgium, UK, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, China, Sudan or Senegal, Among other things, in what would be the approach of our culture to many countries without the tradition of bullfighting, which may set foot in the bullring for the first time.

In addition, the event will be revived by several singers from the Fundación Operística de Navarra who will perform various pieces in honor of Juan José Padilla and the National Day, accompanied by a grand piano. A painting by the artist will also be discovered Anthony Santana Dedicated to a bullfighter and will be transferred to the Diplomatic Academy.

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