Paderborn, “Tusche”, two artists, one medium. Andreas Wilhelm Wien and Olav Schiedel at the art space, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Paderborn, “Tusche”, two artists, one medium. Andreas Wilhelm Wien and Olaf Scheidel in the art space

Paderborn June 29 2022

Two artists who, at second glance, have a lot in common, can be seen from 9-17 July 2022 at the Raum für Kunst in Paderborn. The exhibition “Indian Ink – Two Artists – One Medium” brings together the works of Andreas Wilhelm Wien (Belefeld) and Olaf Schedel (Pederborn).

Although the approaches of the artists working in East Westphalia differ, they also share a common goal: both do not want to provide steadfast answers with their works, but rather ask questions and invite the viewer to draw their own conclusions. What they also have in common is the dynamic, impulsive and almost emotional style of creating their own #works, always allowing the viewer to have an emotional connection with what is being shown.

In the presented works, Olav Schiedel created compositions of amorphous forms, which are often laid out extensively and generously. Mysterious round shapes often lead to many associations with possible living structures in scenes. With a simple choice of colors and a delicate and delicate work method, intricate yet delicate works are created on #paper.

Andreas Wien’s Broken Collages and Paintings search for liberation, faith, and direction. From melancholic to oppressive, sometimes deliberately bold, Viennese figurative works sometimes, sometimes quite abstract, convey diverse, varied and above all very impressive mood images from gloomy to caricature-like, from form to form. Dilute situations, especially in black and white, play the central role in its decoration. In the interplay of the tangible and the ambiguous, of shadow and light, black and white and individual colored elements, they develop intense narratives that invite the viewer to persevere. Andreas Wilhelm Wien is Wahl #Bielefelder and a member of the studio community Block 1 Aktuell (The work of Andreas Wilhelm Wien can also be seen at #Brandenburg Gramzow in repository through September 2022).

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The connection between the two occurred in November 2021, when Schedel and Vienna were part of the 9th Winter Salon. Since their #works are hung next to each other in this gallery#, a lively exchange has arisen between the two, which now continues artistically at #Paderborn.

The party will take place on July 8, 2022, and both artists will attend.

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