Owner Beasley cheats on his wife with another woman before being spotted with Larsa Pippin


The second woman, who claims to have been in a full relationship with the NBA star, is upset after discovering her relationship with Larsa on social media, the same way his wife did.

Ice Showbiz Married basketball player Owner Beasley It was alleged that he was cheating on his wife with another woman before he was spotted with him Larsa Pepin. Reportedly, the second woman named Alena was stunned by the NBA star’s relationship with the former reality TV star.

Source says Shade room That Malik and the woman’s relationship with him started sliding into DMs. The site provides receipts, which are screenshots of the alleged text conversation. In one of their exchanges, he asked her to catch a trip and visit him where he was.

He also allegedly sent her an email promising to always take care of her. “I want to talk to you late. I want you to watch me play … etc .. If you allow me to take care of you monthly then you know what I mean,” read part of the email. “I really don’t want you to work there anymore, I want you myself.”

The source adds that they were in a perfect relationship and that Alina was inside his house, met his son and slept in the same bed that he shares (or now shares) with his wife. She claims Malik gave her more than $ 2K and would have talked to her every day and took her captive.

But things reportedly took a turn after Malik went to Miami over the Thanksgiving holiday. He cheated on her since then and only discovered his relationship with Larsa via social media, as his wife did.

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Malik and Larsa sparked rumors of an affair after they were spotted hanging out in Miami on November 23. The photos, which surfaced only on Tuesday, December 1, showed the couple holding their hands while wandering through what looked like a mall.

to me TMZWife of Instagram Model Owner Montana Yau, Was expecting to return home in Minnesota on his twenty-fourth birthday on November 26, but he was unable to return and left her frustrated. She is reportedly upset after seeing pictures of the Minnesota Timberwolves player with his 46-year-old ex-wife Scotty Pippen.

Apparently to address her husband’s cheating scandal, Montana has taken to Instagram Stories to share some encrypted posts. She seemed to shade Malik as she wrote, “Wow … I don’t even know this guy … This is a fierce thing, I’m seeing him for the first time just like you.”

She added in another post: “I always and will remain faithful to what I am and God has never let me down. The truth always appears in one way or another …” We appreciate all true love for all of you.

Neither Malik nor Larsa responded to the case’s allegations.

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