Outer Banks – Netflix: Filming for Season Three has officially begun!

By Elisa Baroni

March 1, 2022

Today, Netflix announced that filming for the third season of Outer Banks has begun. Now that Netflix series production has begun, by the end of August or the beginning of September, we can see the new episodes. Here are some theories and hypotheses about the developments

The end of the second season reveals something disturbing that will upset the balance and the lives of the heroes of the game. In fact, John B’s father is alive and knows Limbe. What treasures or adventures will the shelters encounter? What family secrets have we not revealed yet?

We’ll definitely see new episodes Chase Stokes Madden Klein. There will also be the rest of friends and family Madison Bailey, Jonathan Davis, Rudy Bankoff, Austin North, Drew Starkey and Charles Esten. We think they’ll be joined by Carlasia Grant, who as Cleo now has a place as a regular. welcome backChase Stokes wrote on Instagram. Outer Banks 3 in progressMadison Bailey Echoes. I’m late for the partyMadeleine Klein laughs because it’s among the latest posts. However we are here again.

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And what do you expect from the third season of Outer Banks?

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