Only two multiple funds ended May with a positive return: Fund A remains the hardest hit | Economie

Markets are still affected by the pandemic, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and inflationary pressures. At the national level, the draft constitution’s visions are emerging that are less aggressive than expected, reducing the risks associated with this process.

Only two of the multiple pension funds – the most conservative – came back positive during the month of May.

According to a prospectus from the consulting firm Ciedess The riskiest funds, A and B, posted losses of -1.31% and -1.27%, respectively; While the medium risk fund C decreased by -0.47%.

for this part, The Type D fund gained 0.26% and the Type E fund gained 0.65%.

The results were affected by the volatility of international markets due to the pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict at the international level, and political uncertainty at the national level.

Parallel so far in 2022 (January-May) Negative results were observed for all multiple bins, except for E.

funds Record A, B, and C down -14.06%, -10.95%, -7.37%, Straight; While more conservative funds get mixed results, with A -1.20% decrease in D and a 3.57% increase in E.

May results

Consulting firm Ciedess explained that the monthly score of multiple funds A, B and C had a greater impact on The change in the prices of variable income instruments.

In this regard, mixed results are observed in the main international indicators, exacerbated by dollar collapse; While at the local level there is a noticeable rise.

“Markets are still affected by the epidemic and The conflict between Russia and Ukrainewhich pushed inflationary pressures Rising prices in most economies. For its part, at the national level, visions of a Draft constitution less aggressive than expected“Reduce the risks associated with this process,” the Social Security advisor said.

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On the other hand, the performance of the most conservative funds D and E was affected by the results Investments in domestic debt securities The fall in interest rates on fixed income instruments.

both workers Conservative funds positively affected through capital gains.

Finally, on the side of foreign fixed income instruments, a negative contribution was recorded (the LEGATRUU index fell -3.28% in pesos).

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