Onishchenko called the signs Biden’s health dying

Deputy State Duma, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Onishchenko Commented on Admirer On the health of the President of the United States Joe Biden After the fall of the American leader from the plane.

Biden arrived by helicopter at Andrews Military Base in Maryland, where Air Force One was waiting for him. The White House chief failed on the first attempt to board the plane.

The footage shows how Biden tries to climb the ladder, but stumbles and almost falls, then the President of the United States wakes up, but stumbles again and stops on the wall.

According to Onishchenko, this is not the first evidence of Biden’s health problems. The deputy of the State Duma also drew attention to the interviews of the American leader. Onishchenko noted that Biden not only has a hard time thinking about operations, but also initial actions.

“The answers he gave in the last interview indicated that he definitely suffers from psychiatric disorder and thought processes. He has no power for thought processes, but for initial activity. What he said, and how he formulated his answers, testifies to the fact that this is a medical problem today – a manifestation of a dull mind. The fact that the US president is unable to curb his emotions is a situation that speaks for itself. “When the top nuclear power nation has such a leader, it is bad luck for the whole world,” Onishchenko said.

Onishchenko called the signs Biden's health dying

Formerly British The name of the object Biden is the most famous president in US history. The network pointed to the instability of the American president’s mental health.

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