One Piece, Luffy Actor “Rehearsing” for Netflix Live: The Funny Video

There is a fear of Streaming live on Netflix di ONE PIECEEspecially after it was announced that the cast will be bringing Mujiwara to the screen. And the boys are now rehearsing for the show, like the protagonist, Inaki Godoy. But look what the future pirate king will do…

The announcement of the live cast of ONE PIECE has sparked renewed enthusiasm for the production within the fan baseThe work of Eiichirō Oda, which is to say something because it has always been too loud from the start (with some bewilderment due to the process, as it is in fact for all live events in general).

And this enthusiasm prompted everyone to follow closely, step by step, even the preparation of young Mugiwara translators on social networks, who are always very active, sharing their way with fans.

So he does too Iñaki Godoy aka Luffy, who these days we find in the gym doing a hard workout … Or so we thought.

From the last video he shared (which you can find at the end of the news), however, it looks like Godoy took an even more example from that hilarious translator of Shang Chi (do you remember? Simo Liu quarantine training?) Instead of a demanding teacher like Silvers Riley…

Attention people, Inaki puts his muscles on!The actor jokes in the caption.

But they are boys, what can you do with it!

At the moment we have no news of a possible release date for the live event piece It’s on Netflix, but we’re waiting for the new casting announcements that we hope will arrive soon.

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